about me

I am an entrepreneurial senior executive with >20yrs of success in commercialising transformative technologies, accelerating revenue growth, and building/rebuilding great teams.

My experience spans strategic alliances and business development, channel sales leadership, and product management—on multiple continents and in company sizes from Seed to F50. I’ve been repeatedly told that I am an entrepreneurial leader of contributors & managers, a strategic thinker with a flair for pragmatic execution, a collaborative and open team player, a highly effective mentor, and a battle-proven negotiator.

I try to go by three rules of thumb:
1) “A willingness to be misunderstood for long periods of time”. (J. Bezos)
2) Prefer to ask forgiveness, not permission.
2) Be kind and seek to work with kind people. In the end we remember the people and the growth experiences we shared, not the numbers.

I use this site to post examples of my writing/speaking, and for consulting-related inquiries.