I come from almost two decades in cutting edge tech across the globe—from Israel to Japan, France, the US, and since 2011, the UK. A full-stack commercial exec/GM type, I have held a number of senior leadership roles in product, business development and sales in both startups and large corporations. During this time I have had the privilege of being close to, and in some cases influencing, some of the most dramatic changes in IT infrastructure and computing.

I love to work with tech and channel partners, help colleagues grow, and empower teams to build and commercialise hugely successful tech products, ecosystems, and businesses. In that context, I am also an experienced startup board advisor, certified business mentor, and a Tier-1 (Exceptional Talent) Tech Nation Visa Ambassador and co-founder/co-chair of the visa recipient community.

This site’s intent is purely to centralise some of my blogging from Forbes, Medium, LinkedIn, and various company sites. I have not included press releases, blog posts ghost-written by me, or posts relating to specific marketing campaigns.