PaaS-y Days Are Here Again

What this means

To summarize, the cost of doing IT infrastructure yourself is visibly and increasingly high, while the flexibility and richness of PaaS are steadily on the rise. Kubernetes is a complex technology built by system engineers for system engineers, but a rich ecosystem of vendors are working to make it accessible and usable beyond The Chasm, on a managed-service basis.

So while there’s still some baggage attached to the term “PaaS”, in this kind of environment, we should be seeing accelerated growth for PaaS adoption. Some of this will be on the public clouds’ own and other hosted PaaS offerings (App Engine, Heroku etc.), but given the portable nature of Kubernetes, a lot of PaaS usage will be on hybrid and on-prem alternatives  such from Pivotal or the IBM-ified evolution of Red Hat. If the goal is to make containerized infrastructure easier to use so we can drive innovation, then I think this would be a productive scenario.

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